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Biomotivate : UX Design Internship

November 2021 - Present

After my freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University, I took a leave of absence and was lucky enough to work for a Pittsburgh-based startup company. Biomotivate focuses on the health crisis in America and finds ways in supporting addicted patients by providing data and encouraging them to continue with their drive towards becoming sober.

My main task is examining data and creating a color scale for horizon charts and interaction design. I had to focus on user experience and how different data points, which vary from 1~100, could be distinguished in a limited color palette and could be informative to the therapists. In addition, I illustrate instructions that guide users in how to examine data sets and interact with the prototype. I am also in the process of improving the interaction between the product and users. I've been specializing in Protopie to envision the product in action.

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