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Nice to meet you, I’m Yejun(Ariel)!



Based in South Korea and Pittsburgh(PA), I’m currently simultaneously pursuing my penultimate year of undergraduate studies in Information Systems and my first year of master's in Information Systems Management both at Carnegie Mellon University. I am passionate about the intersection of how products and technology come together to enhance user experience. I am currently pursuing both paths in product management/technical program management and software engineering area. During my free time, I would design mockups on websites/apps that I want to explore more. 

I have previously worked in Justworks as a software engineering intern and in startups: PureUX and Biomotivate as a frontend development intern and as a UX designer. Also, I have taken part in Dr. Adam Perer's Opioid Crisis Machine Learning Lab as a co-author of a research paper and user research assistant and in Dr.Daniel Silverman’s Rebel Leaders Organization lab as a web design research assistant.

In the meantime, check out my artwork below that I have drawn during my free time!

What I Do During My Free Time!

Click on images!

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